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The GROW Cincinnati Application is now open. Up to $25,000 available in matching funds. Click the Picture to apply.

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GROW Cincinnati brings Living Walls to neighborhoods that are focused on renewing, revitalizing and reinvesting in their communities. Living Walls are investments in the power of public spaces - placed at entry-points to business districts and shared civic spaces, the benefits to the economic, social, educational, and environmental health of a community are equitable and accessible.


“As a preface to the Bond Hill neighborhood business district, the living wall is a creative neighborhood place-making attraction that has set the standard for the comprehensive redevelopment to come. This focal point is inspiring community spirit and important conversations about a future of Bond Hill that is vibrant and prosperous.”

L. Brunner, President & CEO, Greater Cincinnati Redevelopment Authority;

Funding partner for Bond Hill GROW Cincinnati project



Urban Blooms’ Living Walls are lush, vertical green spaces that can be found in corporate spaces, private residences, restaurants, wellness centers, healthcare facilities, and university campuses throughout Cincinnati. Become a part of Cincinnati’s nationally recognized green movement with a living work of art and science, marking your neighborhood as a blossoming member of the community.