Corryville Kroger, Cincinnati Ohio


In 2016, Kroger set out to design a store that integrated with and contributed to University of Cincinnati’s vibrant community. Urban Blooms was thrilled to be selected to design and build a state-of-the-art 42-foot tall Living Wall in the food court/bar area. To highlight the incredible diversity of the neighborhood, we included 30 plant species, from bright bromeliads, 5-foot ferns, and banana trees, to small leafed philodendrons and wandering Jews. The ability for our system to support such a wide range of plants speaks to its flexibility.




The custom design our specialized team of engineers developed overcame challenges involving irrigation options and lighting sources due to the height of the wall. We designed a fully automated irrigation system, which is tied to the building’s plumbing system, and treated with an organic fertilizer ensuring each plant receives the optimal level of water and nutrients. A series of light tracks with specially tuned full spectrum LED lights allows this Living Wall to thrive indoors with almost no natural light.

JMWolf 17-5425.jpg


Completed in February 2017, this is Ohio’s tallest Living Wall, and brings nature to thousands of shoppers and almost a hundred employees every day. Students, Professors, and local businesses often meet in the seating areas around the Living Wall, giving them a working environment often only available to those at progressive Silicon Valley companies. This installation and the spacious interior design of the area around the wall serves as an example of corporate responsibility that both Kroger and the community can be proud of.



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