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Rookwood Ave.


In the fall of 2015, Urban Blooms got a impromptu phone call from a local family after their dinner in front of our living wall at E+O Kitchen. The remarked on the beauty of the installation and inquired on how to bring one into their backyard, creating a modern oasis for themselves and their two young children. Working with the family, we came up with a unique installation that played on the beautiful stone wall, something that used the entire canvas but incorporated negative space to reduce the cost of the entire installation.




The solution we came up with was a series of 7 diagonal panels, each 3x8 feet at a 60-degree angle. Our usual irrigation system had to be modified to satisfy the diagonal nature of these living walls. In order to solve this conundrum, we used a pressure controlled flexible waterlines in part of a centerally controlled zonal irrigation system. After a few days of adjustments, the irrigation along these diagonal surfaces was perfected.

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This project culminated in a one-of-a-kind installation that accentuates the landscape by introducing a new perspective of nature in their own backyard. The living wall stands elegantly as a backdrop to the picturesque lap pool and patio area. The planting features a mixture of evergreens, perennials, and flowering annuals. The family enjoyed many BBQs and relaxing evenings in front of this installations.


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