About us 


We are on a mission to bring living walls to living, working, and public spaces around the United States. 


Urban Blooms is a nonprofit social enterprise creating beautiful, sustainable, and environmentally conscious communities with our custom living wall installations. Our GROW program brings public living walls to communities by providing matching funding to make these installations much more affordable. We specialize in state of the art custom living walls for new building projects and any interested customer at a price well below any competitors. These projects inspire onlookers and stretch the imagination through the elegant symbiosis of nature, technology, and art.


"Tyler and his team are on a mission to improve the quality and beauty of the places where we live, work and play. Their passion for what they do, their technical knowledge and their great listening skills made them the perfect partner for our living wall. "

- Chris Evans, CEO Barefoot Proximity


In order to maximize our impact, we partner with educational institutions, civic and municipal organizations, and corporate sponsors. These partners allow us to leverage money raised through grants and fundraising to bring large public living walls to neighborhoods around the Midwest. 

As a part of Urban Blooms mission we offer custom residential and commercial living walls at a price much lower than any of our competitors. Each wall features an automated irrigation system, unique plant selection, and additional lighting if needed, giving us the ability to build thriving living walls in any setting

Urban Blooms was founded in May 2014 by a team of engineers and artists with a passion for the environment, community empowerment, sustainability, digital systems, and the public art. These passions, combined with the rising popularity of public murals, living architecture, and interactive art displays, inspired our team to create unique public displays that combined principles from each of these fields.


Indoor Living Walls 

When utilized in an indoor setting, living walls act as art installations that energize any space. These walls are not only breathtaking displays, but breath deepening as well. Our installations constantly breathe fresh oxygen into the space while removing harmful compounds from the air. Living walls also naturally filter dangerous particulate matter, drastically improving indoor air quality.

Outdoor Living Walls 

In outdoor settings do wonders by bringing traditional buildings to life. These walls act as a hub of biodiversity while also uniquely beautifying the home or building. In addition, exterior living walls act as an extra layer of insulation from the elements, reducing annual heating and cooling costs by as much as 35%. In public spaces, large living walls act as living art displays that present the beauty and benefits of nature in a captivating way.

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Our team is dedicated to building a more sustainable future, while bringing a friendly and professional experience to every project.

Tyler Wolf

Executive Director and Living Wall Designer

Joseph Kabenji

Design Director

Louis Stillpass

Director of Local and Regional Resources

Tamir Haddad

Interm Operations Director

Weston Wolf

Director of Marketing

Matthew Wolf

Construction Manager

Urban Blooms Board of Trustees 

As of May 14, 2018:

Merrie Stillpass – President

Jennifer Harten – Vice President

Tyler Wolf – Executive Director

Adam Barone – Recording Secretary

Maura Wolf – Treasurer 

David Dannenberg – General Trustee


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