Urban Blooms frequently asked questions

What is a living wall??

A living wall is a vertical hydroponic garden in an artistic arrangement. Our living walls feature a proprietary fully automated irrigation system and can support hundreds of different species of plants! Our gardens can be built in any location and in any shape or size. They are lightweight and made from state of the art materials.

How does the living wall water itself??

Through irrigation, the living wall is able to receive a consistent stream of water and nutrients. We integrate our proprietary irrigation system into the plumbing of the building. The only technical requirements are access to a water line and drain.. Water is directed into our water treatment area where nutrients are added and other necessary adjustments made based on the local water conditions. From here, water is piped to the living wall location where it feeds the plants on a rhythmic cycle.n.

What does maintenance look like?

Sit back and relax! Our specialized team of living wall technicians visits each one of our living walls on a bi-weekly to monthly basis for our living wall care sessions. At these visits our team trims and replaces plants as needed, replaces the fertilizer, and cleans the plants of the dust they have filtered out of the air. If you are having any special events just let us know in advance and we will make sure the wall is looking spectacular! Feel free to contact us at any time with questions or to request specialized service..

How long does a living wall last?

Our living walls are engineered to last for decades. Some minor components and plants will need to be replaced, which is included in the cost of our living wall care packages. With proper maintenance, the living wall system can outlast even your use of the space, adding value to buildings and communities for years to come.

How much does a living wall system cost?

As a nonprofit specializing in living walls, we are able to provide the highest quality service at a fraction of the cost of our for-profit competitors. Our living wall cost ranges from $120 - $160/square foot, which includes design, custom fabrication, system installation, plant materials, and plant installation. When part of our Grow Cincinnati public living wall program, we are able to offer living walls to communities for $60-80/ square foot. We like to think of our walls in an investment, as the cost is amortized over the long life of the living wall. For comparison’s sake, our for-profit competitors have been known to charge upwards of $250 - $400/square foot, so we believe we provide an excellent value. Ask for a free quote to find out what it would take to bring Urban Blooms living walls into your community or place of business.

How long is the process from design to installation?

With our years of experience and locally sourced materials, we can turn out magnificent projects in around two weeks. Larger or more complex projects could take several months to become fully realized.

How long will it take for my living wall look after installed?

We typically use fully grown plants when building our walls, so our living walls are fully ready the day the planting is completed. Additionally, the flexibility of our planting system allows for the custom locating of each plant individually, allowing for for the optimal placement of plants to match their size and growth patterns.

What are the benefits to having a living wall in my home?

Our living walls are a perfect way to bring nature into the lives of your family on a daily basis. The living wall will improve the air quality in your home taking dust out of the air and increasing humidity, potentially leading to a reduction in some common respiratory issues, such as sneezing or asthma.

What are the benefits of having a living wall in an office?

Besides providing a unique and natural aesthetic, some studies have shown that humans perform better mentally when coming into contact with nature, and even a brief interaction can have a positive effect for hours. These positive mental effects include increased alertness, improved attitude, increased patience, and improved memory.

How does a living wall improve the community?

Our living walls bring culture, life, and vibrancy to any community. Public living walls act as biodiversity hotspots in communities. Birds and insects interact with the plants as they would in, say, a park. Living walls in public spaces also provide a perfect outdoor classroom for local schools and provide a great opportunity for a science or biology field trip.

What type of plants do you use in an Indoor living wall?

We utilize a wide range of species in our indoor living wall installations. Most of the plants we use are tropical. We also typically recommend ferns, some varieties of edible fruits, and certain flowering shrubs. However, if you have a certain species in mind, or if you would like to grow edible vegetables or herbs, let us know and we can work with you to accommodate.

What type of plants do well in outdoor living walls?

Location, Location, Location. Plant selection for outdoor living walls comes down to the zone the city of the project is located in, the direction the wall is facing, sun exposure, and the desires of the client. There are hundreds of species that do well in outdoor living walls. For most of our outdoor walls we use between 20 and 40 species of evergreens, perennials, and a few annuals. This gives our outdoor living walls seasonal interest all year long.

Where can you build a living wall?

Anywhere! Our systems are versatile enough to support living plants in any reasonable setting. All we need is access to a water line and electricity (if supplemental light is needed). We also build freestanding structures to support living walls even where no wall existed before. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary site visit!

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