Inner Fire Fitness - Downtown Cincinnati


While maintaining our Living Wall at E+O Kitchen in July 2016, we had the honor of meeting two women who were in the process of opening a new “boutique” workout studio in Downtown Cincinnati. Once they saw the Living Wall at E+O, they immediately started asking about the possibility of installing a wall at their new studio. We worked closely with them to select the optimal location in their new space and a design that represented the energy of Inner Fire Fitness.


Inner Fire is located on the corner of 4th and Race in the heart of downtown Cincinnati that at one point was the central shopping district for the city. We were thrilled to bring a Living Wall to this historic area currently experiencing a revival after years of decline. This Living Wall represents the increasing optimism in Downtown Cincinnati’s recent rebound. With plenty of natural light, the Living Wall is visible for anyone walking by. Local professionals who visit Inner Fire for their aerial yoga classes or bootcamp endurance workouts get to enjoy over 400 tropical plants which have been thriving in the space since November of 2016.


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