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Mt. Adams - Private Residence


In fall of 2015, Urban Blooms was contacted by a local CEO who was struck by our installation at E+O Kitchen. He was in the process of designing a new home in Mt. Adams and wanted to bring a Living Wall into the residence. We designed a 25-foot tall installation that covers an entire side of the elevator shaft. With a more modern feel in mind to compliment their home, we created a custom laser cut stainless steel grid design to frame and accent the different shades of greenery found in the large variety of species used.




At Urban Blooms, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our systems and ability to incorporate a wide assortment of materials into our designs to achieve different aesthetics. This project is a perfect example of the amount of personalization we can add to an installation. When given the challenge of a “modern” layout, we were able to find a local metal supplier who could provide the exact solution we needed so we could seamlessly integrate that into our preexisting system.

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Throughout the duration of this installation and over the few years of maintenance, we have become very close with the family. We do specialty cleanings before they entertain, and they have become supporters of our sustainability themed events. Both the dogs and kids are equally as excited when we come over for our routine maintenance check-ups.


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