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E+O Kitchen - Hyde Park Cincinnati


This is where it all started, after a year of prototyping, reading studies, and developing our system we met the owners at E+O Kitchen. Our new Living Wall concept fit in beautifully with their new fusion Asian/Latino restaurant theme. They were in the process of designing their bar and dinning rooms and had us in to look at some potential locations. Immediately this wall at the back of the dining room, jumped out as it would create the backdrop of eating in a tropical destination for some lucky guests, while serving as a focal point for anyone entering the room.


This project was the first large scale interior test of our Living Wall system. The wall would be 16 feet long and very in height from 6 to 9 feet and would be built around a bench that will seat customers. This presented the unique challenge of picking and placing plant material that would not disturb guests sitting below. One other challenge that proves to time and time again be the most important issue to get figured out would be how to get water from the basement to our living wall over 150 feet away.  

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Our first Living Wall turned out to be a spectacular success, the modern/tropical vibes carry through from the vibrant plants, to the upbeat music, to flavors on your plate. For over 3 years this wall has delighted hundreds of customers every week and acts to refresh the hard working staff on a daily basis.

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