BrewDog Hotel - Worlds first beer hotel


Urban Blooms was honored when we were contacted by contacted by Design Collective, a local Columbus Architecture Firm. Their client, BrewDog Brewery, was planning to build a Beer Hotel in Columbus Ohio, as a part of their American expansion. When they requested a living wall, Design Collective contacted Urban Blooms to see if we could construct a living wall that featured the BrewDog Logo superimposed.




BrewDog asked us for a simple, elegant, design that brought in some excitement but would be low maintenance and not distract from their logo. Upon this request we designed a subtle pattern of different shades of green made up of 12 species of tropical plants. Boston Ferns make a few appearances, playing on the depth of this installation.



This beautiful view welcomes guests as they arrive for an experience unlike any they have had at any other hotel. LED Lights, natural wood grain and soothing tropical plants, prime guests for the amazing flavors they will soon find at the Brewdog Bar and Restaurant. In the morning, after a beer in the shower, thanks to brewdogs shower fridges, guests will leave the hotel with this lively living wall tempting them to come back soon.


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